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Iron Cross Dedication for Early Brothers


Pictured above is the  Appomattox Chapter UDC, Appomattox Chapter CofC, General William R.Terry Chapter along with special guests, Helen Early Jones, Margaret Early Shrewsbury, and Jim Early

On Saturday, October 6, 2012 the Appomattox Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy held three Iron Cross Services along with a marker presentation service at Longwood Cemetery in Bedford, Virginia to honor three brothers for their service in the War Between the States.  Those who participated in the service were United Daughters of the Confederacy members of the General William R Terry Chapter, the Bedford Rifle Grays, the Appomattox Courthouse Rangers and the NB Ponton SCV Camp.These Iron Crosses were presented to private Joel Nathaniel Early, Private John Milton Early and Private Don J. Early, denoting their service to the Confederate Army.
  James Adair Early and Susan Thaxton Early of Liberty, Virginia raised four sons that enlisted in the war. The eldest son Henry Thomas a student at the age of 19 enlisted in the Bedford Artillery. On extra duty he served as an ambulance driver in 1863. He would not live out the war. Henry died in a Petersburg hospital at the age of 22. However, three of his brothers Joel Nathaniel, John Milton, and Don J. Early did enlist and lived throughout the war.
Joel Nathaniel was the second child born of this union on June 28, 1843. Joel Nathaniel enlisted on May 15, 1861, in Company C, Virginia 28thInfantry, he mustered out on Aug 15, 1861 and transferred to the Virginia Bedford Light Artillery Battery- he remained in that unit until he mustered out in Oct 1862.  He transferred as a Private to Co D, in the 38th Virginia Battalion of Artillery. 
 During this time the Battalion saw service at Fredericksburg and began serving under Gen George Pickett’s Division during the Suffolk Campaign. Other engagements that he fought in were at Gettysburg and the Second Battle of New Bern in North Carolina. This unit also fought at Drewery’s Bluff and Cold Harbor.
He survived the war and married Helen Nelson who was also from Bedford on March 9, 1874. The Early’s moved to the town of Bedford and lived on College street where their four children were born, Henry was born 1879 and died in 1948, Henry married Margaret Holt and they had 2 daughters Helen and Margaret.  Leila Page was born in 1876, and later in life became a member of the William R. Terry Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy. Susan Alex was born in 1877, and Helen Kinlock in 1883. Helen married Richard Turner whom she met at college and they had one son. Joel Nathaniel, nearing 80 yrs of age was one of Bedford’s best known and honored citizens, who passed away at his home in 1923. During his long life in the community he had been connected with the Treasurer’s Office and made many friends. Early in his life he joined the Liberty Presbyterian Church and for 50 years served as a deacon in the church. He was a Mason. He was also a Lieutenant Commander in the Joseph E. Johnston camp of Confederate Veterans.

John Milton Early enlisted in Richmond, Virginia as a Private and would also serve in Company D, 38th Virginia Battalion Artillery. John Milton never married and he died in1926 and is buried in a family cemetery alongside his parents and three siblings.
Don J. Early was born in May 1847 and enlisted April 18, 1864 at Union and severed in Captain Jacob Osborn’s Company, Wallace’s Battalion 11thReserves as a Private.  Due to a lengthy illness he only severed for 6 months.  Don married Betty Casey in May 1881, and they had 4 children J. Gordon, Stuart, Frank, and Susan. For several years he was employed by the Norfolk and Western Railroad Company as a detective.  Due to his feeble health Don was 58 years old when he died in 1906 and is buried in Longwood Cemetery near his brother.

Special guests that attended the service were, Mrs. Helen Early Jones of Clarksburg, West Virginia and Mrs. Margaret Early Shrewsbury from Augusta, West Virginia, and granddaughters of Joel Nathaniel. During the service they were presented a flag in memory of their grandfather.   Also, Mr. James C. Early from Mt.Juliet, Tennessee attended. 
John Milton, Joel Nathaniel, and Don J. Early are ancestors of Louise Price Adams,
Carol Adams Williams, and Laural M. Williams of the Appomattox Chapter 11 United Daughters of the Confederacy and Children of the Confederacy.
Members of the Appomattox United Daughters of the Confederacy would like to express much appreciation to all of those who participated and attended in this very special service to honor these three brothers.


Louise P. Adams great niece of Early brothers


Granddaughters of Joel Nathaniel,  Margaret Early Shrewsbury, Helen Early Jones, and Jim Early 

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Arizona gun shop tells Obama voters they aren’t welcome

by the League of the South

A gun shop owner in Arizona is making a strong statement against Barack Obama, the direction of the United States and voters he views as wanting government handouts. Obama lost the State of Arizona 54% to 44% despite the State being almost30% Hispanic (27.4% of whom are Mexican), who as a demographic group supported Obama two-to-one in the recent electionNational Monitor has the story of gun shop politics:

An Arizona gun shop owner has reportedly taken out a full-page newspaper ad warning Obama voters to stay away from his gun shop. Clearly upset about the results of the 2012 presidential election, Cope Reynolds took out a full-page ad in the White Mountain Independent to express his discontent.
“If you voted for Barack Obama you business is NOT WELCOME at Southwest Shooting Authority,” the ad reads. “You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”
Mr. Reynolds told The Huffington Post in a telephone interview Friday that the ad has “little to do with gun control.” The ad, however, cost the gun shop owner approximately $250.
…“It is about the direction that this country is going and the direction it’s been going for the last four years, and I feel like the people that voted for him are by and large the ones that are on the many entitlements and free stuff that they’ve been getting,” Mr. Reynolds said.
…President Obama’s re-election sparked an increase in gun sales, CNN Money reported last week. The increase in sales was driven by fears that a Democratic president will support tighter regulations on guns, especially those that could be classified as assault weapons.
Mr. Reynolds told The Huffington Post that his shop has seen an increase in gun sales since Mr. Obama’s re-election just like he saw in 2008 when the president was first elected to the White House.

Clinton stresses projection of US power around planet

by The League of the South

To listen to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton one might get the impression that all US citizens are preoccupied with controlling the rest of the planet and spending more money on the Federal military. David Brunnstrom’s recent article for Reuters covers Clinton’s Asia trip and her call for a Federal budget deal in order to more effectively control the world. Bronnstrom writes:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clintons aid on Saturday that reaching a deal to resolve America’s budget crisis is critical to its global leadership and national security and would bolster efforts to project U.S. economic power around the world.
…She said that despite all the differences between the U.S. political parties, “we are united in our commitment to protect American leadership and bolster our national security”.
“Reaching a meaningful budgSet deal is a critical to both,” she said. “It would shore up our ability to project economic power around the globe, strengthen our position in the competition of ideas shaping the global marketplace, and remind all nations that we remain a steady and dependable partner.
“For us, this is a moment to once again prove the resilience of our economic system and reaffirm America’s leadership in the world,” Clinton said, stressing that U.S. leadership depended on its economic strength.
“Global leadership is not a birthright for the United States or any nation. It must be constantly tended and earned anew.”
The international ‘partners’ that Clinton referenced include puppet governments such as the one in Afghanistan, countries where large numbers of US soldiers are based such as Bahrain and those such as Colombia that are paid off with hundreds of millions of US tax payer dollars.
Notice also that Clinton claimed that the two major US political parties are united in a commitment to US ‘leadership.’ This word ‘leadership is one that she mentioned multiple times. Recently, US leadership in Libya led to the destruction of that country’s economy and social order as well as thousands of deaths. US leadership in Iraq resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and a period of US military occupation. US leadership just off the Chinese coast is a constant source of dispute between the US and China. US leadership in Pakistan has alienated a large majority of a once-friendly population through constant drone attacks on Pakistani villages. The list goes on and on but one thing that is clear is that US leadership has destabilised many countries and led to conflict and bloodshed.
While it is true that both major parties support US domination of the planet, the US public is not nearly as unified on this point. For example, a recent Rasmussen poll shows that 42% believe that it is necessary to significantly cut US military spending, which is nearly equal to all other countries on earth combined, while only 31% disagree.

Stop Islamization of the world! ACT NOW, Defend Our Freedom!

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Anti-Southern & anti-White hatred from US Leftists

October 25, 2012
By the League of the South
Kathryn W Huff, ‘Dakinikat,’ hates White Southerners
We have another example of US Leftists mischaracterising the South in general, Southern nationalists in particular and expressing their open hatred for White Southerners and Christians. These are the people who claim that they are tolerant and open-minded. Their rhetoric certainly does not come across this way.
The article in question comes from Kathryn W Huff, who blogs at a Leftist site called Sky Dancing under the name Dakinikat and describes herself on her Facebook page as an ‘Unabashed member of the cultural and intellectual elite.’ In an article from her today entitled ‘More Endorsements‘ she jumps from attacking Mitt Romney on foreign policy (and to be clear, we here at SNN have been extremely critical of Romney for his Neo-con friendly foreign policy; see: hereherehereherehereherehere,herehere, etc.) to demonstrating her lack of historical knowledge, attacking SNN and insulting the South, focusing her hatred primarily on White Southerners. This is a familiar theme with Huff; she seems to delight in insulting and attacking White men, especially White Southern Christian men, whom she describes as ‘troglodyte white, extremist christian, men’ later in her piece. Huff writes:
One of the weirdest observations that I’ve seen in awhile is how the US election maps seem to reflect the same kind of boundary lines we saw when we were fighting over the issue of slavery. Even actual Confederate hold outs seen [sic] this. Steve Pinker has some interesting thoughts on the redness and blueness of some states.  I can tell you, it’s not pleasant to live in a red state if you’re a woman, a child, or a minority.  There’s an emphasis on a plantation style economy, education goals that are out of step with modernity, and ensuring the primacy of white, christian, men.  Abortion and birth control restrictions, ensuring the taxes don’t impact the rich, and enacting radical religious views on all kinds of things have been their priorities. Your only hope is to stay in a red state’s biggest city or move.
There are numerous problems with this short paragraph. First, the electoral map we posted which she links to in her article was a comparison to the 1860 electoral map. While slavery was undoubtedly a major issue of the time, the issues went far beyond that single issue and broadly centred around the efforts by White Southerners to ensure their survival in the face of open hostility from the Northern Republicans (see the decidedly anti-Southern book ‘Apostles of Disunion’ by professor Charles B Dew for more on this). The primary political issue of 1860 was secession and the legality of US violence against seceded States. In fact, Delaware and Maryland, States with small slave populations which did not secede from Union, voted overwhelmingly along with the other Southern States against Lincoln. The long history of conflict between the North and South going back to the 1600s has been explored in great detail on this site and is freely available for those who are interested in educating themselves on the subject.
Second, Southern nationalists are not ‘Confederate holdouts.’ We have explained our position clearly and at length on our‘About’ page. We are nationalists who believe in the inalienable right of self-determination for the Southern people (and everyone else, for that matter).
Notice too that Huff, who (according to her Facebook page) lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, says ‘ I can tell you, it’s not pleasant to live in a red state if you’re a woman, a child, or a minority.’ Of course, half the population of the ‘red States’ (Louisiana being one of them) is female. Half of all White Southerners, a people Huff seems to hate above all others, are female. As well, the Lower South States in particular have very large non-White populations (about one-third of Louisiana’s population is Black, for instance). If women and non-Whites in Louisiana and other Southern States were treated so terribly, why would they remain there? No one is forcing these people to stay in these States. Wouldn’t there be a mass exodus if life for women and non-Whites in the South were really as terrible as Huff makes it out to be? Instead, there is actually a large migration of Blacks leaving the North and West to move back to the South. It’s not just Blacks. Millions of Mexicans have flooded parts of the South, unfortunately displacing native Southerners in many areasMillions of White Northerners and Westerners, a great number of them Leftists like Huff, have also moved to the South, fleeing largely Third World, dysfunctional cities such as ChicagoDetroit and San Bernardino that have been destroyed by people with Huff’s values and subsequently re-populated. My own State of South Carolina has received vast numbers of White Leftist refugees from such places.
Huff goes on to explain why she hates the South: ‘There’s an emphasis on a plantation style economy, education goals that are out of step with modernity, and ensuring the primacy of white, christian, men.’ This is almost too comical to respond to; what sort of alternative reality does Huff inhabit?! The plantation economy which made the South much more prosperous than the North prior to the US invasion of the South is long gone. Extreme poverty and gross exploitation (which we are only now overcoming) was forced upon the previously wealthy South by the United States. As far as the South’s educational system, this is largely dictated to States and local governments by the US Federal Government through the Federal Department of Education. Beyond this, Southern universities (and even many of our high schools) are often dominated by Northern-born faculty (the history department of the university in Georgia where I studied in graduate school had not a single Southerner on its staff; the entire department was overtly anti-Southern and anti-White). Finally, her bit about ‘modernity’ is a dead give-away of her deracinated, Enlightenment-based world-view. Southern nationalists reject Modernity and the Post-Modern death and destruction around us today. We have an entirely different and far more organic system of values and society in mind which we work towards each day.
UPDATE: Kathyrn Huff writes in the comment section of the article discussed above:
When I moved to Louisiana it was a purple state. It’s gone red and it’s a complete hell realm here now. I miss Minnesota even though I don’t miss the winters.
A bit later in the comments Huff writes:
I don’t worship anything. That’s a formula for being enslaved to something.
FURTHER UPDATE: Huff writes of SNN readers:
They’re probably proud members of all the usual suspect hate groups that you find the minute you leave the safety of the big city around here. They all probably look like Haley Barbour–too big, fat and dumb.

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Note: This GC podcast is a clip of Michael’s appearance on The Real Liberal Show on Ron Paul Radio for 18 June 2012.
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